Monday, January 30, 2017

Home at Last!

After 16 nights in a La Quinta hotel, the entire Red Head crew was happy to have the boat splashed on Friday afternoon.

First, there was one last walking of the plank up to the salon where the crew awaited the much anticipated moment. While none of us loved being "thrown" out of our home, it was especially challenging for Dylan and Dee Dee but, as always, they handle it with much aplomb.

Mom and Dad forced them to wait in the car while the actual event took place. It was really best for all involved. Don't be fooled by the faces - it was pure drama.

Before we knew it, Red Head was afloat once more with hardly a leak in sight.

Dylan and Dee Dee quickly found their way back onboard and settled right in. And the very best part was...

Sleeping in their own bed again. Life is good!


Kimberly Perron said...

Happy to see everyone is back on board! Enjoy your next adventure.

John L. said...

I sail a Hunter 34 on the Northern Chesapeake, and will be doing a motorhome trip to Florida next month, with stops to see Navy buddies in Jax and Key Largo. Would like to meet you and say Hi, if you will be in Florida then.

MV Red Head said...


We hope to be in the Bahamas then. I'm sure we'll bump into each other somewhere!

Safe travels.

The Red Head crew