Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Dylan and Dee Dee had a pretty wild New Year's Eve on Red Head at Halifax Harbor Marina in Daytona Beach. Mom and Dad left them briefly for a great meal at Siam Spice but were back in time for the festivities - going to bed at 9:30...

The kids had reason to be tired. Along with the many responsibilities they have onboard, they had a long walk onshore at St. Augustine the day before. And Dee Dee put another first on her cruising resume. She rode a water taxi from the mooring field into town. It was exciting.

The excitement was a bit more subdued after the walk but for this crew a ride is a ride.

Dylan and Dee Dee were up New Year's day by 6:30 am ready to leave the dock and head for the first of 3 anchorages on the way to Stuart. It was a beautiful day on the ICW. Even Dee Dee got back into dolphin watching.

Ever since Dee Dee's unplanned swim with the dolphins, she has been more timid about going out on deck. Not a bad thing. She often stays in the pilothouse and watches out, going out only when Mom or Dad takes her.

But today she and Dylan spent most of the trip keeping watch.

The odd coincidence is that this was the exact stretch, Mosquito Lagoon, where little Miss Dee decided to join her dolphin friends for a swim in November 2014. Mom was a bit apprehensive remembering that day but happy to see Dee Dee having such fun. Maybe that was why Dee Dee was keeping the throw-ring close.

Dylan, the ultimate dolphin spotter, can always be counted on to maintain a proper watch.

There's two more nights at anchor and then Red Head and the crew pull into Hinckley Yacht Service in Stuart for some out of the water work. The whole crew on Red Head wishes everyone a happy and healthy new year. We look forward to seeing you on the water!


Unknown said...

Happy new year! Missed you this trip, maybe next time

Sweet Pea said...

I notice that DeeDee and Dylan have slightly different harnesses I was wondering if you like one better than the other? My pup needs a new one that does pull on her throat when on leash. If you could send some info. Thank you

MV Red Head said...

Sweet Pea,

It is an issue of sizing. I have yet to find the "perfect" harness. I like the design of the one Dylan has but the hardware rusts. Dee Dee was too small to fit in the one like Dylan, so she has a different one. You should look at the previous blogs about testing the harnesses. It starts here:

Dylan and Dee Dee's Mom