Monday, October 17, 2016

Uptown Girl at the Downtown Public Piers

Dylan and Dee Dee just finished attending the Hampton, VA Snowbird Rendezvous and have started their official cruise south as snowbirds. There were far too many times they were left alone while Mom and Dad gave their talks and attended events. Let's be honest, even once is too much for this crew.

But they did have the great advantage of being docked directly in front of the Downtown Hampton Public Piers office. And it was homecoming weekend for the local university. There was a steady stream of visitors on the docks all weekend long.

Dylan and Dee Dee quickly took up residence at the side door to watch the world go by. When the tide was right, Dee Dee did once or twice step onto the dock, one time even enticing Dylan to follow. But they both quickly came back when called. What good kids!

With the rendezvous behind us, the mission of the crew is now to find warm climes and clear water. We're heading south now and this crew is definitely up for it.

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