Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Kids Have a New Ride!

A couple of weeks ago we acquired a new dinghy for Red Head. She's been on the hard for a variety of reasons but today we had her launched and took Dylan and Dee Dee out for a spin.

The dinghy is quite a bit smaller than what the crew was used to on aCappella but we wanted her to safely fit on the well deck. It means the kids will have to learn about sharing space - which basically means, they take all the space they want and Mom has to find a spot to squeeze in...

They had a great time. We've always said that their favorite boat is the dinghy! Dylan and Dee Dee are looking forward to many, many, many more dinghy rides.

That's a great lookin' crew no matter what boat they're on!


saildave said...

We need details - what model ab and how bigs the engine. Whats the weight?

Hudson River Boater said...

Nice Ride- It's all about the Kids!