Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hunkered Down

This is our first trip to the Exumas. We were aware when we made our plans that we would be here for the windy season. What we didn't expect was blow after blow with little relief. We've met cruisers who have been coming to the Exumas for decades that claim this is the worst winter they remember. Just our luck. It has been cutting terribly into the kids swimming time.

So last week, we decided to stop beating our way down the Exuma chain of islands and left Black Point with the hope of making a run to George Town before the next blow came through.  We made it as far as Galliot Cut where we had planned to cut through to the ocean and make the run to George Town. We checked out the breaking waves through the binoculars and decided to go to Plan B.

We  ducked into the narrow cut leading to Safe Harbor Marina on Cave Cay. We definitely found safe harbor in the round basin with 360 degrees of protection, surrounded by high hills. There were a couple of boats there already and we were soon joined by 8 or 10 more as boats filled the small marina looking for safety.

This marina definitely had some sort of story. At one point it had been built for luxury - concrete floating Bellingham docks, beautifully tiled showers, and nicely appointed buildings and homes. However, it all had a feeling of neglect. The homes were deserted and nothing else appeared to be there but the marina and an airstrip.

But it was just what we needed. We spent four days in our safe haven. So what did Dylan and Dee Dee do?

What else? Just across the basin was a beach.

The kids went swimming!! You knew it was coming...


Unknown said...

I've been following your blog, you guys are living the dream and I can't wait to start the same journey but for now we have 5 years to retirement.....and we will be taking our two dogs so keep the pics and post coming, right now I feel like I'm living the dream through you travels....Jan

"SIGMACHI" said...

Ditto vicariously enjoying thispost. I signed up for AC some time ago but my old tablet was 'too bogged down with stuff." I just acquired a Samsung S6 from Verizon and decided to try your blog.

I have lots of catching up to di...

Can I subscribe to your Takingpaws blog to auto at ally receive updates?

Tight Lines!

Hampton Roads, Virginia

MV Red Head said...

Dylan and Dee Dee said to tell you Thank You for liking their blog!

You can subscribe to the blog and receive notices when the crew has added a post by clicking on "Subscribe to:" at the bottom of the page.

It's not a bad idea as you never know when they might post the next beach playing picture. And you sure wouldn't want to miss that!

Unknown said...

Hi Karen, I'd be interested to know your procedure for getting the kids into the Bahamas.

MV Red Head said...


YOu can find information on the Bahamas site:

Search on pets.