Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hello, Bahamas

The crew crossed over to the Bahamas on Friday. We had anchored at Rodriguez Key, pulling the anchor at sunrise to set off. The crossing was bumpier than we had planned but Dylan and Dee Dee proved yet again why they are the world's best crew members.

Each found their favorite spots and settled in. Dylan in front of the pilothouse door.

Dee Dee snuggled on the pilothouse settee.

We safely reached the Bahamas banks and settled into our first anchorage off Cat Cay. Dylan and Dee Dee kept a close watch but never did see any cats.

But they did spy some Bahamian dolphins the next day.

A couple more anchorages and the crew was checked in at Nassau, Bahamas. The three customs officials came to the boat, took one look at our ferocious crew, and asked the captain to come to the office instead.

Dylan and Dee Dee will be visiting new beaches, making new friends, and catching up with old buddies. They'll be visiting some remote places and working hard at having fun, so be patient. They will catch up their blog whenever they can.

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