Sunday, December 6, 2015

Seeing Triple!

Leaving Brunswick Landing we took advantage of a weather window to go offshore overnight to Jensen Beach and drop the hook. Our hope was to be able to quickly skip along outside until we got to Key West but mother nature had other ideas. So as a front came through with high winds and rain, we ducked into one of our favorite marinas, Old Port Cove Marina in North Palm Beach.

It's a beautiful marina with exceptional amenities. We love to walk the dogs along the docks to gawk at the mega-yachts docked there. It's the part of Florida where aCappella begins to looks rather modest, to put a finer point on it. We always enjoy being here.

This time was extra special though. Today Dylan and Dee Dee got to play with Mellow!

Mellow is Dee Dee's half-sister. They share Sarge as their papa. So that makes Dylan Mellow's great-step-uncle or great-half-uncle or - oh, it gets complicated.

We loaded them into Ken and Trudy's car (Ken and Trudy are Mellow's people) and headed off to a nearby dog park.

So did they have a good time? You can decide for yourself.

As for which dog is which, well, we were there and had a hard time telling.

I'm sure many of you are tiring of seeing pictures of the same yellow Labs. This is where I would usually show a picture of Dylan and Dee Dee exhausted after their afternoon romp.  But I've decide to mix it up a bit and finish with with something completely different.

Mellow dreaming of Dylan and Dee Dee...


3marinas said...

Hi K&J, D&DD,
So glad you got weathered in at Old Port Cove Marina because we thoroughly enjoyed having you all stay with us! The puppies, which are always welcome here as well as at our other marinas North Palm and New Port are a joy - there's always treats in the office.

Wishing you safe travels, Happy Holiday's, a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year filled with many boating adventures!

Sue Morgan
Marketing and Public Relations Director

MV Red Head said...


The kids never forget any place where they have gotten treats. They've already put you on the list for future stops.

We wish everyone at Old Port Cove a great Christmas and New Year! See you again soon.

The aCappella crew