Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Chill'n in Key West...

Dylan and Dee Dee have reached another milestone in their cruising adventures. They are now the farthest south they have ever been.

Dylan had previously been in Marathon but Dee Dee had only been as far south as Miami Beach last year where we waited for our Bahamas crossing.

Back in 2010, Dylan was in Marathon with Dyna. They had a great time swimming at Sombrero Beach every day. They romped with lots of other dogs including old friends Godiva and Cassie from September Song. Godiva has now joined Dyna in the huge dog park in the sky but Cassie and her people are currently docked kitty-corner to us here in Key West

We had a good run down with a combination of offshore days when it was nice and slipping along inside when it wasn't. The crew performed exemplary.

Daddy helped them spy dolphins and we had lots of them. Frankly, Daddy looks as excited as the crew...

Dee Dee loved being up on the flybridge offshore. It's something we haven't done too much with her because, well, it's a long jump down.

As the most seasoned crew member, Dylan helped show her the ropes.

For now we're safely tucked into Stock Island Marina Village in Key West. There's a dog park on site, dog friends nearby, and even some special dog treats from the staff. Dylan and Dee Dee think they're gonna like Key West just fine.

We plan to go even further south this winter as we travel to some of the southern Bahamas islands in the Exuma island chain ending up in George Town.


Secularity said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! Stock Island has some interesting places to explore. Make sure you check out COAST on your way to the Hogfish Bar and Grill and El Mocho for great, affordable Cuban style food. In KW, The Key West Artisan Market is not to be missed this Sunday, Dec 20 and every three weeks through the season.

Unknown said...

Boy do we miss key west ! we loved stock island and my dog,Mick ,made lotos friends and loved the dog park.... On duval st.I left him tied for a minute while i ran in a store came out and some people where snapping pics of him .... so much for the vicious pit bull ...LOL