Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Changing Plans

Dylan and Dee Dee had a great time at Cumberland Island, one of the crew's favorite stops. It was topped off their final morning with a huge dolphin sendoff. A dozen or more dolphins spent an hour playing around the boat. The kids were thrilled. We are pleased to report that all crew members remained onboard for the duration.

Tropical Storm Anna forced us to modify our plans and skip past Charleston. Charleston is one of Mommy and Daddy's favorite stops, sigh. We decided to push on in good weather and do a two day run from Cumberland Island, GA to Oriental, NC. It turned out to be a smart move.

It was the first double overnight for this crew and they pulled it off with aplomb, which made Dylan think they should each get a plum but they were happy to settle for treats.

After a few days at River Dunes Marina (another crew favorite), we left refreshed and finished our run to the Chesapeake area. We have some projects to complete and hope to be back in Maine in a few weeks. Of course, we're already thinking about where to head next winter. The kids are voting for some more time at Great Harbour Cay. Gotta keep the crew happy...

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