Monday, February 2, 2015

Time to Move

Over the years we've developed a cruising style that works well for us and our crew.  It balances our desire to seek out new places, keep up with the business of running ActiveCaptain, and ensure our crew remains properly spoiled. We always try to visit new places or places we haven't been to in a while and typically select a few spots to hang for a spell.

We're just finishing up 2 months at Cocoa Village Marina and have mixed feeling about heading out. We've found that staying somewhere for a month or so allows us to really gain a feel for place, finding our favorite places to eat and discovering what there is to do. It lets Dylan and Dee Dee fall into a routine and if you've ever shared your life with dogs you know they love a routine.

They know the best times to sit on the bow and watch, what time we setup the ramp for their afternoon walk, and when we sit on the cockpit for lunch. In the past couple of weeks, they've even learned what times the two Labs down the way come past on their walk. Dee Dee thinks they look a bit suspicious and leads the assault that has kept them from attacking us. What a good team!

But it is time to move on. We have a few more places to go before we begin waiting for the weather window to cross over to the Bahamas in mid-February.

Cocoa has been great but this crew has other places to explore. Besides, they hear the new dog park in Vero Beach is not to be missed and the only thing better than a good dog park is treats. Everybody knows that!


Karen Reilly-Masterplan said...

It would be nice to get together while we are all at the boat show. Let us know if you have any suggestion on how to get together. We come in on Friday and leave Monday. Would love to see you guys before our plans separate us once again.

Karen and Stan

Unknown said...

Our dog Bart can vouch for the dog park in Vero and the off-leash beach at Walton Rocks just south of the nuclear plant on South Hutchinson Island.

We'd all love to meet Dee Dee and Dylan, and hear first hand about their escapades and adventures.

We can vouch for the farmer's market at the waterfront in historic Ft. Pierce on Saturdays. Wonderful tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons and grapefruits. I've also bought mangoes but they came with a label stuck on them saying Product of Equador so obviously not the season for local produce.

Sincerely hoping we run into all of you.

Bon voyage and safe crossing to the Bahamas.

Unknown said...

I love reading about the adventures of you and the dogs. Please tell me, what brand of ramp you have for the dogs. Is it also strong enough for you?

Our boat is still in Lake Michigan and we are hoping for a summer better than last year.

Jan and Bob Kossman
M/V Jan's Tern

MV Red Head said...

Dylan and Dee Dee had their first trip to the new dog park in Vero - loved it!

Jan and Bob: the ramp is a PetStep. It's not designed for humans and has a weight limit, although the sticker fell off long ago. I have used it to help myself get off but have never put full weight on it.


islandtommy said...

Good Morning!
I'm new to your site and want to say how much I've enjoyed it. I recently purchased a 44 Marine Trader. Making my first voyage starting Feb 16th. Moving the boat from Ft Pierce FL to Ft Walton Fl in the Gulf. It will be my first time in the Gulf. Look forward to learning more from all of the great people that participate in your site and ActiveCaptain. Thanks!

G Daniel Prigmore said...

We have been following you tavels and would like to invite you to join us Sat night for our annual Mismi boat show/grove arts festival party in Coconut Grove. If you make it email for details
Dan, Marcia and Lola.