Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's Better In The Bahamas!

The aCappella crew crossed over from Miami Beach, Florida to Bimini, Bahamas last Monday in the company of John, Marilyn, and Gracie on Carolina. Ordinarily a new adventure like that would have called for lots of pictures of the crew. Unfortunately, the crossing was not exactly as predicted so the whole crew (Mom included) was not in a state that warranted photo ops.

We made it safely to Brown's Marina in Bimini by mid-afternoon in time check into Customs and attend a boaters' potluck that night. Brown's has an interesting group of liveaboards who love Bimini. Everyone wanted to tell us their favorite things about the island. However, we had a small weather window the next day before things fell apart for many days so we decided to leave at daybreak for the long trip to Great Harbour Cay. We know we have to go back and stay for a spell next time.

Tuesday's conditions were much better which we think went a long way towards deflecting the mutiny the crew was contemplating when we fired up the engines.

Dylan and Dee Dee kicked in and did their part with Dylan handling the role of 1st Mate and Dee Dee stepping in as 2nd Mate. It was a long day with aCappella arriving at Great Harbour Cay Marina just before dusk. The weather was beautiful but that quickly changed the next day as we went from pouring rain to high winds and cool weather. We had to pull out our polar fleece (?).

The crew had to content themselves with watching they friend Gracie across the bow. Fortunately, it was sunny.

We did brave the winds and take both crews for a walk to check out some of the beaches on the island. Even on a blustery day they are beautiful.

Dylan and Dee Dee were kept on their leashes partly because we didn't want soaking wet dogs on a cold day. But mainly because I still had great reservations about trusting Miss Dee Dee. The last few times we had her at a beach she thought she could swim to Portugal.

Today was the big day. Dylan, Dee Dee, and Gracie, along with their people, headed out after lunch to the beach for their first Bahamas swim. Did they enjoy themselves? What do you think?

As for Miss Dee Dee No, she was a good girl and amazed us all by coming when called, often being the first one to start back towards us. Could it be that our naughty little girl is growing into a good big girl? Or...

...maybe someone stole her in the night and replaced her with a well behaved dog that looks just like her. Only time will tell.


Leigh said...

Nice job, Dee Dee! Sounds like she is growing up and realizing that mom and dad DO know best. And Dylan's steady, good influence is playing a big part, too, I am sure.

We're enjoying following your travels and seeing your photos, as always!

Love from the Blue Dog crew - Shannan, Leigh, Pepper, and Zoe

Unknown said...

I believe your girl is growing up ... How could she not with such a great mentor. Maybe she was just a slow learner? Or, maybe she just had to test her boundaries to know where good lies?
Curious, it looks like on is in a fill RuffWear life jacket while the other is in the stronger RuffWear harness ... Thoughts behind that split decision?

MV Red Head said...

Both of you may be right as we just had a second romp on the beach and she was a good girl. I think she has also figured out that playing with the other dogs is pretty fun...

As for the decision about the life vest/harness, I decided to try one on Dee Dee for our passage to see what she would do and she didn't bat an eye, so I've just kept using it. Then I tried it again on Dylan and he turned into Mr. Drama. When things got rough, he wouldn't lie down and just stood stiff legged in the pilothouse. So I put the harness back on him and he was fine.

Such spoiled dogs!


Unknown said...

hi folks
My wife and I spent some time in the Berry island a number of years back. We used to anchor in Devils cay a lot. The boat we were running was too deep to go inside the islands. Is Flo's conch bar and restaurant still open? Did you visit what they call the blue hole just north of Devils cay. Beautiful spot and hope to return someday. We would like to retire and do what you folks are doing. Enjoy......Hal and Vicki