Monday, January 12, 2015

The Crew's Ride

Dylan and Dee Dee wish to apologize for their recent neglect of the blog but it's been a busy time for them these past few weeks. Not only did they have the excitement of the holidays including a week long visit with Grandma, but they also had a car!

If you're someone who follows this blog because you simply like reading about dogs or are dreaming of cruising but haven't actually thrown off the lines, then you may not fully appreciate the significance of this. When you are a liveaboard, having access to a car is huge. ...and not just for the human crew.

We needed to rent a car to drive to my mom's house for her birthday and New Year's. To fit in all of the family events we needed it for 8 days, so we decided to just rent it for two weeks. The kids were pumped!

Trust me that's pumped... 

Having access to a car can means all sorts of adventures but mostly it can mean a trip to a dog park. This hard working crew got numerous trips.

The first one was Sunday before their 12 hour drive to Grandma's house.

It worked like a charm. Dee Dee has continued in our line of great car travelers.

While they enjoyed helping Grandma celebrate her 86th birthday, Grandma's house was filled with a whole new set of "Dee Dee No" places and we discovered that Tennessee is sorely wanting when it comes to public dog parks. They only have private ones that you must apply for, pay an annual fee, etc., etc. This is most unfriendly.

So there was much catching up to do when we returned to the boat. There were more dogs to meet at the Cocoa Beach dog park.

There was a bone shaped wading pool to explore. How cool is that? Dylan and Dee Dee think one would fit just fine on the bow.

The park was littered with palm branches which Dylan says make the perfect chew toy.

And who can resist an all out game of tug?

They thought the good times would never end!

But alas, by Saturday the car had to go back. The crew is forced to fall back on daily walks and romps on the bow. It's strange but suddenly I'm receiving lots of offers for discounts on car rentals in my inbox. Could it be our smart little girl has figured out how to access the internet?

Nah, she can't do that, can she?

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