Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas in Cocoa

We'll be spending Christmas on the boat this year as family disperses around the country. After that, we're going to visit Dylan and Dee Dee's grandma for her birthday and for New Year's.

Cocoa, Florida is a great place to spend the holiday season.

The kids have been helping to decorate the boat, putting up lights inside and outside and hanging some decorations about. They've both enjoyed the new Christmas pillow covers mommy made this summer.

Of course, the key is manipulating them just right for comfort. So far they've survived the tossing and scratching, often ending up on the floor in the process. But then they're swished up just right, perfect for a snooze.

We've been taking long walks admiring the decorations. And Dylan and Dee Dee even got to go to the Cocoa Christmas parade just two blocks from the marina.

We're now in the homestretch with both kids hoping Santa will think they have been good enough to leave something in their stockings.

For Dylan it's in the bag. That's my favorite picture of Dyna and Dylan, by the way.

But for little Dee Dee it's really not looking very good. She has less than a week and quite a lot of bad to make up for. If you have any doubts, well then, you obviously haven't been following the blog. If you see Santa, Dee Dee would really appreciate you putting in a good word for her. She can use all the help she can get.

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Anonymous said...

With those big brown eyes, how could Santa not forgive DeeDee ;-) Merry Christmas...from Charlie, too (the lazy Golden Retriever).