Sunday, August 31, 2014

Not If, But When...

There are events that happen with dogs to create a situation you know isn't going to be pretty.  Such an event happened at our La Quinta hotel stay last week when we were heading back to the boat. Any guesses about which dog?

This was little Dee Dee's second night ever in a hotel. She was fascinated with the one room where everyone would stay together and ran around checking out every corner. We were busy finding places for clothes and computers and didn't notice that she had found the bathroom.

Unlike our house or boat, the hotel staff lays out little soaps and shampoos on the edge of the tub. You've all seen that before. Dee Dee hadn't.

La Quinta leaves Citros, a citrus-scented set of products. They're quite nice. I doubt they taste good but you can ask Dee Dee because she ate the entire bar of soap including the wrapper.

A quick search on the internet found that it's not dangerous although we'd need to watch her over the next few hours.

We knew this event wasn't going to pass without incident. We even had an idea of what might happen. The only question was...when.

At 2:30 am, Miss Dee Dee woke up and released the entire contents of her stomach including a 3/4 piece of whole soap all over the bed. Trust me, at 2:30 am, you don't notice the citrus scent any longer. And after that event, no one much slept the rest of the night.

It's a valuable lesson. New places can't be trusted when you have a puppy. Or a Dee Dee.


Leigh said...

Oh, poor Dee Dee! And poor YOU!

Lots of love to you, Dylan, and Citrus-smelling Dee Dee, from the Blue Dog crew.

DreamKetchr said...

Puppies are notoriously predictable even when we're vigilant. Our Poodle pup squirmed uncomfortably for a number of hours through the night before he upchucked a polyester sport sock he'd stollen from my wife's runners. Needless to say he'd eaten it before he had his dinner.

One More Time Around said...

Merlin barks with every noise outside the room at a motel. Suzy ends up alone in the bed while Merlin and I spend the night in the van in the parking lot.