Sunday, July 20, 2014


Dyna was our speed demon. She loved going fast and loved having her face in the wind. She also had no fear although she put my heart in my throat on more than one occasion. Here in Maine we have a small Boston Whaler that we use to tootle in the harbor and go to some of the nearby islands. The Whaler always makes me think of Dyna.

This afternoon we took a break from our attic cleaning chores and took the kids on a ride in the Whaler after putting the latest batch of free items out on the lawn. Dylan and Dee Dee love being on the Whaler where they are close to the water and can get a terrific snoot-full of saltwater smells when we open her up. We still need to take Dee Dee over to Indian Bar to swim but that's probably better done on a weekday when there's fewer tourists on the beach.

Today was Dee Dee's second Whaler ride. She spotted her first harbor seal, buzzed a mooring ball, and barked at her first lobster buoy floating in the water. All in all a successful day. Add a walk back up the hill for a round of bully sticks and a good drink of water and the only thing left to do is take a nap.

...dreaming of their next ride in the Whaler, of course! Dyna would be proud!

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