Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4th in Castine

If you cruise the US east coast and have never been to Castine's July 4th festivities then you are missing a unique piece of Americana. Last summer was the first time in over 20 years we missed July 4th here in Maine. So we were really looking forward to yesterday's celebration.

Dylan has enjoyed numerous Castine 4th's but for Dee Dee it was her first. The day always starts with the children's parade. Hundreds of children dressed in an array of costumes march at the town common. I worried how little Miss Dee Dee No would behave. How many hats would be stolen? How many children would be knocked over?  Would she ever stop barking?

So I told Jeff, "Take a picture for the blog right away so then I can take her back home."  I figured we had 10 minutes tops.

I don't know if the stars aligned or if there was just so much commotion she didn't know where to misbehave first. But Dee Dee was practically perfect.

We were so pleased it even made up for the fact the fireworks were canceled due to the effects of the hurricane. They've rescheduled them for next Friday and I'm left with the hope that maybe one day Dee Dee will be the good dog.

The aCappella crew hopes you had a happy 4th!!!


Unknown said...

Glad to see are well and enjoying the festivities ... Was starting to wonder if all was ok. Enjoy the main land summer ... Hope you all get some down time.

MV Red Head said...


Thank you for your concern! We have been going through some exciting (?) personal transitions - more on that soon - so have been a bit overwhelmed. But do not worry the crew is all very well.

Unknown said...

No rush on answering this trivial set of questions, but when you get around to it.
Way back when, you mentioned doing something daily to deter ear issues with the kids. What ear drops? What drying agent, etc. what regime have you found that works? Now that Cally is officially a boat dog, time to be more proactive.
And, for doggy business ... Why the bow? I am sure there is a sound reason, I just keep thinking stuff just has further to go, to go over board.
Thanks in advance,

Woodside Park said...

Dylan and Dee Dee should have been in the parade! They behaved beautifully! Such a pleasure to meet you all.
Loi (and Tom, Panda, Mocha)

MV Red Head said...


You may not say that when you have spent some more time with Dee Dee No... ;-)


We use the bow because that is the most out of the way place. We place the mat beside a scupper making it easy to wash it down.

The kids will be doing a blog entry soon on the ear issues. With Labs it's a constant battle.