Saturday, February 15, 2014

Where Do They...

TakingPaws has a great following of dog owners, dog lovers, cruising dogs, and dogs who want to cruise. We hear from them on the blog, via email, and, best of all for the kids, in person when they stop by to say hello. We answer a lot of questions about living the cruising lifestyle with two (big) dogs. We love talking about our canine crew and couldn't imagine living this life without them.

The most common questions we get starts with, "Where do they..." Number one is, "Where do they go (or do their business)?" That's one we've addressed numerous times including in an article we have on the ActiveCaptain website:

The next most common question is, "Where do they exercise?" Making sure the canine crew gets a daily workout is an important consideration on aCappella. In fact, if you look at the first item under the Services tab of an ActiveCaptain marina marker you will see it is "Pets." Finding a place Dylan and Dee Dee can walk, run, and play is always a high priority when we plan our stops. And while onboard they often turn the bow into their private dog park.

The third most common question is one that impacts the whole crew, "Where do they sleep?" Their followers wonder if we have two dog beds on board or maybe just one large one, and don't they take up a lot of room?

The answer is they pretty much sleep wherever they want. At night that means they sleep on the bed in the master stateroom. Oh, they allow us to share their bed and even leave us a little space, well, usually.

Now recently I was asked if there was anything I missed from our land-based home, also known as our house. That's easy. My dishwasher - I know that a dishwasher could be put on the boat but I would have to give up too much space for it. The second thing I miss is our king-size bed. Ah, to stretch out and still have covers. Now I'm pretty sure that Dee Dee doesn't remember the king-size bed but come summer, she'll find out what it's like to stretch out without someone pushing back. I'd say we all have something to look forward to when we get back to Maine.

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