Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dee Dee Finally Gets It (dolphin excitement)

You don't have to be a longtime follower of TakingPaws to know that Dylan loves dolphins. Back in December when Garmin was onboard Dee Dee had her first real dolphin experience. But even then she was way more focused on Dylan and our guests (especially Joe). She simply reacted to their reactions.

We left Sarasota and spent a night in Venice at Crows Nest Marina Restaurant (great meal!) and then headed out the inlet to our Seatrout Flats anchorage near Cayo Costa State Park/Useppa Island before heading on to Pink Shell Resort Marina at Ft Myers Beach. Soon after leaving the anchorage we were surrounded by a pod of leaping dolphins. This time the lightbulb went off in Dee Dee's little brain and she finally understood what all the excitement was all about.

She ran to the cockpit and tried to climb up and over, or so it seemed. She cried and whimpered. When we finally brought them back in she used her door lever skills to let herself back out. This is causing us to keep the doors locked when we are underway - we can't have her going outside without knowing about it. We keep the keys in each door for our safety.

Lucky Dylan now has a partner in crime when it comes to dolphin hunting. Both of them are stationed at the door ready to leap into action should the dolphin threat reappear. Homeland Security should have such a dedicated crew.


Unknown said...

Obviously highly trained Canine Commandos - if Homeland Security won't take them, I've a spot for them with the Canadian Army ;~)

Jancsics said...

Nice to see Dee Dee having fun out there! :)