Sunday, October 6, 2013

Catching Up

Dylan and Dee Dee are sorry that they have been neglecting their blog but it has been a busy time full of new experiences and firsts. Dylan has been acting as the perfect mentor for little Dee Dee, who by the way is not so little any more. She's now big enough that with a quick glance I can no longer tell her apart from Dylan.

We passed our 28th wedding anniversary in St Louis, a place most familiar to me as both of my parents hailed from rural Missouri. A trip up the arch and a nice lunch had us back onboard with the kids by dinnertime. Then we passed the St Louis Arch on the water as we left and headed down the Mississippi River. It was very cool.

We have now finished our trip on the mighty rivers (Illinois, Mississippi, and Ohio) which the crew found to be the most tedious part of the adventure so far. There was much commercial traffic and mostly anchoring out in fairly marginal anchorages. But we still managed to catch some beautiful sunsets.

There were 4 solid days onboard, the longest Dee Dee has spent so far without getting off. She did well but was definitely beginning to reveal her need to run ashore as the nip marks on Dylan grew. Poor Dylan.

Dylan continues to try and teach Dee Dee the proper way to look overboard - with paws firmly on the step stool.

But Dee Dee still thinks it's more fun to lean out for a closer look with her paws on the caprail. Can you say man overboard?

We are very happy to be taking some time to relax at Green Turtle Bay Resort Marina. It is a beautiful facility with not only a lovely marina but a spa, a beach, and a charming town nearby. The kids are loving it at least as much as we are. There are lots of boaters to meet on the docks. They are getting multiple walks onshore every day including a morning walk to the beach. Dee Dee finally took the plunge this morning and swam in after Dylan. She's quite the pro already. Now Dylan has a swimming buddy to chase after him for sticks. There's nothing Dylan loves more than a good game of chase.

Her proud papa even took a video:

We've already taken in a show at the Badgett Playhouse in town. I'm off for some spa time this week and we definitely want to enjoy a meal at the yacht club. As for Dylan and Dee Dee, just give them the beach and a stick and that's all the resort they need.


Capt.Stroh said...

I'm just taking a moment to laugh at myself because the only blog I follow, comes from a pair of yellow labs!

MV Red Head said...

But they're really cute yellow labs...