Saturday, September 7, 2013

40+ Pounds

I have to start by saying that this has been a tough week for our littlest crew member. Not only has she had the ongoing pressure of learning how to become a 2nd Mate, she has been dealing with losing her puppy teeth and dealing with an ear infection.

Last week Dee Dee began losing her canines followed by her molars. She has gaping holes along with red, sore, and even bleeding gums. Eating has been challenging, so I've been soaking her food a bit longer, and we've had to limit her to only the softest treats.

Then Thursday night she woke us up whining and scratching and rubbing her ears. We turned on the light to discover red, sore, and scabby ears. I always feel terrible that I hadn't noticed it sooner.

Fortunately, we received an email the night before from Jan and Bob on Jan's Tern that they were in the marina and had a car if we needed it. So Friday morning we were off to the vet with Jan as the chauffeur. The veterinarian determined that Dee Dee had a combination fugal and bacterial infection. We are now administering drugs day and night and she is on the mend.

Of course, while we were there we put her on the scale. OK, I know it's not polite to discuss a girl's weight in public but she now weighs over 40 pounds. 40 pounds and I am still carrying her below every night. Something had to change. Dee Dee needed to go to stairs boot camp!

She had mastered going up the four pilothouse stairs a week ago. For the past several days she has been climbing the 10 stairs up from below in the mornings. Yesterday she conquered going down the pilothouse stairs which has now pretty much eliminated any secure escape that Dylan had. But climbing down the stairs to below...she won't even consider it.

I know they're steep and I know they have a turn part way down. But geez, she weighs 40+ pounds and there is a treat when she gets down there. Come on, Dee Dee, can't we just try?


Bill K said...

Maybe you ought to put in a slip n slide for her. LOL

Bill Kelleher

Ron Rogers said...

You want me to go down that diamond ski run? Are you crazy? Look at that turn! Do you see steel edges on these paws?

You've got to straighten out that death trap and stop bugging me until you do.

Yours truly,
Dee Dee