Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let the Games Begin

Years ago I learned a trick from my sister-in-law about how to keep small children occupied. She would rotate their toys. She'd take some, put them away, bring out others for a time, and then go back to ones from before. It was interesting to see how bringing out an "old" toy they hadn't seen in a bit made it new and interesting. I've found the same trick works very well with puppies.

We have a small hassock onboard that long ago became a storage place for dog toys. These past few weeks I have been digging into the hassock to rotate around a toy or two every few days. It's helped to keep Dee Dee's very short attention span occupied.

One of the toys she particularly likes is an old Nylabone left from Dylan's younger years. He lost interest years ago and it fell to the bottom of the hassock. At least, until now.

It seems that Dee Dee's new found interest in this toy has made it Dylan's favorite. You see, he can be a brat sometimes too.

So he sneaks into her crate and grabs it jumping up on the settee where she cannot yet reach him. Then the games begin.

First, she notices.

 Then she wants it.

She makes her move.

Dylan counters.

She goes in again.

Another dodge by Dylan.

She plays it coy.

Ultimately, the puppy always wins.


NCboater9 said...

Two really great dogs and well behaved. Nice to see Dee Dee double in weight over last 4 weeks. The bright side of Erie Canal being closed.

MV Red Head said...

We enjoyed getting to spend time with you guys! I hope you will see Dee Dee again when she is grown.

Safe travels!