Saturday, July 20, 2013

Finally Underway!

The Erie Canal finally opened on Wednesday morning. We decided to wait until Friday to leave Shady Harbor Marina to let the logjam of boats move on ahead. We are planning on lingering in the canal for almost a month so didn't feel any need to hurry.

On Friday morning Dee Dee prepared for her first real cruising day. She'd been "underway" only between our slip and the fuel dock. On Thursday evening we moved to the fuel dock to be pumped out and ready to leave early the next morning before the marina opened. Friday would be a 20 mile cruise with one major locking taking about 4 hours.

I tried and failed to mimic Dylan's award winning photo from 2007 (see Dylan's photo here). It was the fault of the light and the photographer rather than the puppy. But I still think she looks pretty nautical.

Dylan settled in like the old pro that he is with over 8,000 nautical miles under his harness.

Dee Dee took it all in stride. The day was bloody hot, so Dee Dee sought out the cool spot. First she tried the settee.

Then she tried the step just just below the settee. What's that cardboard enclosure, you ask? It's a Dee Dee barrier around her daddy's computer cords which are very appealing to a puppy.

Dylan showed her how to schmooze daddy while he ate his breakfast underway.

Then she took up Dylan's favorite spot at the helm under her daddy's feet.

She did a terrific job helping daddy do the first engine room check. If you look closely you can see the engine room hatch opened along the right side.

As the day grew hotter she moved outside choosing one of Dyna's favorite spots, legs out, belly on the cool deck.

But of course there was much going on in the pilothouse requiring occasional inspection.

We pulled into Waterford, NY before noon, found 50 amp power, and turned on the AC for our hardworking crew. Dee Dee took a well deserved nap, after all, being a crew member is hard work.

Following an additional day at Waterford, we'll leave on Sunday starting across the Erie Canal through the Flight of Locks, a series of 5 locks that will bring us up 170 feet, plus an additional 4 locks to bring us to Amsterdam, NY. It will be a long day. Thankfully, the heatwave has finally broken.

We look forward to new places, new people, and new experiences. With a crew like this, we're ready for some adventure.


Istaboa said...

Dee Dee seems to be fitting in well and taking it all in stride.
Pretty Pup.
I know you guys are happy to be moving again.
Have fun and stay safe

Ron Rogers said...

Boy, she is growing fast! Dylan seems to be adjusting amazingly well and Dee Dee is filling the hole in his life.

Ron (Moving to Durham and soon will have a new Golden!)

Unknown said...

I guess we'll be heading in different directions for now. Have a great trip with the kids, stay safe, and happy!
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I