Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dylan's World is Shrinking

Today Dee Dee is 14 weeks old. So since we've adopted her she has doubled her age, more than doubled her weight, lost almost half her baby teeth, and has gotten noticeably taller. We don't know exactly how much taller as we failed to measure her when we first got her but just look at these two pictures taken about 5 weeks apart.

There's no question our little girl is growing up. But this past week a life changing event happened, well, at least for Dylan.

Dee Dee mastered jumping on and off the sofa in the salon. So now Dylan is down one safe haven from his most irritating crew mate.

Fortunately, she is still unable to master the 4 steep steps going between the salon and pilothouse which allows him to still escape up or down when she becomes too much.

And when we are underway, the pilothouse settee is too high so she must be content with the step below. But let's be honest. At this rate she'll be mastering both of those in no time. Sorry, Dylan.

You might wonder why this matters to our sweet boy Dylan. Well, trust us there's a devil in that little girl. Oh, we know she looks sweet. She's a huge draw on the docks as other boaters coo and she puts on quite a cute puppy show. But we have proof. Tell me you don't see the devil in those eyes.

Poor Dylan...


Mike, Linda and Jake said...

How quickly they grow.

Unknown said...

Hi Folks,

You're having a great trip, and we look forward to your updates.


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