Thursday, April 25, 2013

Following Seas

After spending five unexpected but very enjoyable days at Downtown Hampton Public Piers we saw a small weather window on Wednesday and decided to make our run to the Chesapeake. The predictions were for the weather to worsen as the day progressed and not be good on Thursday. The best bet seemed to be to make one long run all the way to Olverson's Marina where we'd left our car and where there was a vet we had taken Dyna to before.

So we got up at 5:30 and the whole crew pulled together to get us off the docks by 6:15. Conditions where fine with some light fog but still good visibility. Just enough fog to make the lighthouse at Thimble Shoal look a bit mysterious.

True to predictions conditions gradually turned snotty as the day wore on. Fortunately, the seas were following so other than a few tosses we had a bumpy but very tolerable ride.

Dylan took up his usual spot in the corner of the pilothouse settee close to his mom and dad. While Dyna choose the galley floor. A good choice as it is in the center of the boat and therefore has the least motion. Smart girl.

We were fortunate to get a terrific current push pretty much the whole day getting us in more than an hour ahead of time. The crew has had time to reacquaint themselves here at Olverson's. Dylan has been eying the new kitty on the property. They "met" at Liars Corner Wednesday night. Dyna has had her trip to the vet who confirmed she's pretty darn old and that we are doing all we can to keep her happy and comfortable. The power of modern pharmaceuticals. Tomorrow we'll get them back on their morning walk routine. And in a few days they will be off to visit their grandma in Tennessee.

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