Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Agony of a Good Boy

During one of Dyna's early visits to Lucerne Veterinary Hospital we were discussing some issue with Dr. Stephanie Monk, one of the two best vets in the world, trying to figure out what it was. Stephanie kept saying something like, "Well, it could be this or that but it's not textbook for the condition." When finally she quipped, "I guess Dyna didn't read the book." That has become a common mantra when discussing Dyna.

From the first day we brought Dyna home we realized that Dyna had written her own book. For starters it is common knowledge that Labs are highly "food motivated." In Dylan's case that is a gross understatement. But Dyna was always quite lackadaisical about her food, eating when she felt like it, despite coming from a home with 9 other dogs and often additional puppies. Dyna's the queen and the queen doesn't have to rush her meals

Dylan learned very early to not mess with Dyna's food dish. Dyna raised 15 puppies and knew very well how to control this one with just a lip curl.

As our girl has grown old eating has become more and more of an all day event. We know she is having some digestive issues and she's a bit senile. It's not unusual for her to nibble a bit and just walk away. We've trained Dylan not to eat what she leaves in the bowl while what falls on the floor is fair game. I usually place a piece of aluminum foil over her dish but often she will walk away before I notice.
 Before long I will hear a soulful moan and find Dylan staring at Dyna's food dish. There's kibble and liver and egg and cheese and other tasty treats all sitting right there. What agony! But he sits and looks but doesn't touch. So I place the foil over top, give him a treat, and say, "What a good boy!"

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Leigh said...

What a good boy, indeed! Big hugs to Dyna and Dylan from the Blue Dog crew!