Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What About Me????

Don't get me wrong. I love my grandmother. She's watched over me for almost 6 years now, protecting me from other dogs when I was just a pup, showing me how to do my business on the bow which makes Mom and Dad real happy, and even letting me cuddle with her when Mom and Dad leave the boat. (I still can't figure out why they would go without us - sometimes they come back smelling just like food, hmmmm.)

I kept all these things in mind when the inequities started in the fall of 2011.  Dyna had some kind of special "surgery" and everybody made such a fuss. She got lots of special attention and special puppy chow and even had Daddy sleep with her in a special place at night. What did Dylan get? Bupkis!! I didn't complain, well hardly. But then things got back to normal.

A few months ago they started fussing over her again. Seems she was turning her nose up at her food and having some other kinds of problems. So once again they pull out that special puppy chow. You know the kind. It comes in a round cylinder and not a bag. But it doesn't stop there. Next thing I know they're giving her something called Green Tripe which is about the best smelling thing I ever saw and little cans that say "sardines" which also smell really good and Mommy is cooking her eggs twice a day. It's all about, "Here Dyna, do you want this? No? How about this?" I'm sitting there happy to eat all of it but do I even get offered?

Then today, today it just went too far. Mommy has been talking on the phone almost everyday to this Dr. Cox about, you guessed it, Dyna. This morning he tells her to start adding liver to her food. Liver! Do you know how good that smells? So now she's cooking liver, cooking eggs, scooping Green Tripe and sardines and putting it all in Dyna's dish. I run to my dish - bupkis!

So maybe I'm not "old" and maybe I have a bit of a "weight issue" and maybe I'd eat myself into oblivion if given the chance. But would it kill anyone to cook just one egg for me? Oh, and a little liver and tripe and those sardine things. Just say'n.


Rick, Deb and Izzy aboard M/V Broulee said...

Poor Dylan - I feel your pain! I'm a four year old black lab and still don't understand why my breakfast, lunch and dinner do not smell as amazing as my Mom and Dads. Also who decided that pillow on the bed next to Dad belongs to Mom.
Your buddy, Izzy

Ozel and Maryann Cox said...

Ozel, Maryann, Nissa and Osita (Portuguese Water Dogs)

Our boat, M/V Freya, is currently at Lamb's Yacht Center in Jacksonville, FL. We will be joining her on April 3rd or 4th.. Looks like you are near by.. Hope our paths cross as we continue "The Loop"

Our Blog is located at

Roger and Karen Montembeault said...

Dylan, here's a secret. Don't eat the next two meals, lay around and feign no interest in treats, etc. Guarantee within one day, your mom will be fussing over you and offering you some of the same special food Dyna is getting. Just play it a little cool for a while and you'll have many tasty treats.
Your buddy Louie the Havanese.

MV Red Head said...

Hmmm. Louie, I never thought of that angle. They'd be real easy because they're both patsies. There's just one problem, the not eating a meal part. See I'm always starving and on the edge of complete starvation. I might pass out somewhere and then Mommy wouldn't know where I was at treat time.

Hey, I could just eat real slow, that would make them worry. Like, I could take 10 seconds to eat my meal instead of 5. Boy, they'd freak. Thanks for the suggestion.


Leigh said...

Sweet Dylan! Big hugs to you in your "suffering"!