Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kennedy Space Center

We decided to rent a car the week of Christmas so we could explore a bit further. Plus we had some Christmas parties to attend and some shopping to do - Orlando is only about 30 minutes from Titusville. But first on our list was to visit the Kennedy Space Center. We were pleased to see they were decked out for the holidays. There was even Mr. and Mrs. Claus there who had just returned from space.

The facility is very well done with lots to see, more than you can easily do in a day. The Imax theater is wonderful and the tour out to the launch pad is great. We even saw alligators and a huge eagle's nest along the way. Never thought I'd see a Christmas tree among rocket ships!

We had a terrific time. This is something that should not be missed.

We've finally left Titusvilles but not before we were visited by some "friends" from Maine. The last few days we saw dozens of Loons many swimming right up to the boat.

We look froward to the new year with new adventures. Happy New Year and safe travels from the aCappella crew!


Skimmer said...

Hey there! Glad you were able to visit KSC and had a good time. I work out there and it's awesome. I think we saw your boat up in T'ville marina a few weeks ago. Wanted to meet you, as we are fellow cruisers/wannabes.

MV Red Head said...


We loved the Space Center and only wished we had more time to visit - next time! I'm sure we'll meet somewhere along the way.