Tuesday, November 27, 2012

God of the Waves

We've mentioned before that Dylan was named after the Celtic God of the Waves. When it comes to sea conditions we are certainly not above pandering. Lately it appears to be paying off.

At sunrise this morning we left Hinckley Yacht Services in Savannah and went offshore to Morningstar Golden Isles in Brunswick. The seas were even calmer than they were for our overnight a few weeks back - if that's possible.  I worry about payback and remind Dylan that we've certainly paid our dues in the past. The god not the dog, although I believe they're very nearly the same thing.

The kids enjoyed the ride even though it was overcast. At times it was hard to tell the where the sky ended and the sea began. Dylan (the dog not the god) was greeted all day long by dozens of dolphins, or as we need to say in the pilothouse, d-o-l-p-h-i-n-s.

We were amazed that we had the ocean pretty much to ourselves. All we saw all day were a few shrimpers, lots of birds, and of course the dolphins. Mid-afternoon some threatening clouds appeared but we didn't see so much as a sprinkle as they skirted around us.

We'll be taking the next week and a half to meander down to Melbourne in time for the SSCA Gam. For now we are content to glide along the flat ocean.

Wishing the calmest of seas for everyone.


Dave Gibson said...

Welcome to the Golden Isles!

Our dogs go nuts over dolphins as well. I had them on the driftwood beach on Jeckyll Island yesterday and they saw a dolphin just off the beach. They both dove in and swam out to the dolphin, who quickly (and thankfully) disappeared.

MV Red Head said...

Dylan tried to follow a pod (I think it's pod) on the ocean side of the beach on Bald Head Island 2 years ago. He went far enough that I was alarmed but they finally went under and he returned.