Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stormy Weather

We'd love to have our friends and family ashore believe that every day onboard is sunny and warm. But some days are just overcast and raw. That has been the case the past few days. We left Solomons with a small craft advisory on the bay so we decided to try out a new anchorage and dropped the hook at Cockold Creek. Despite the winds we had a quiet night.

Winds had died some by the next morning so we left despite dark clouds and mild chop on the bay. The skies looked threatening all day and we had rain on and off. But the whole crew was dry and cozy in the pilothouse.
Dyna snuggled into her nest bed for a nap.

Dylan took up his first mate position on the settee.

And Jeffrey caught up with emails while I piloted.

Blue skies, stormy weather, or anything in between, it doesn't matter. The crew is happy as long as we're all together, warm, dry, and well fed (Dylan insisted I add the last item).


Unknown said...

Yep, we're paying for all that warm sunshine. We've had the heater running since Sunday morning, and it has been raining for about the same amount of time. We'll be heading out from the Piankatank for Mobjack Bay and the Northwest arm of the Severn River Wednesday morning. I hope we'll see a little sunshine by then. On a very happy note(A# above middle C), I finally finished enough reviews to get my hat!Elaine and I hope you and the pups are staying warm and dry.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I

MV Red Head said...

Gosh, we're on the Great Wicomico now and planning to head to Mobjack Bay tomorrow. We'd like to anchor off Williams Wharf - sort of near Zimmerman's - we've never been there. The wharf looks like a good place to bring the dogs. We met Steve Zimmerman at the Krogen rendezvous and want to see their facility. We think we'll be there for a week of software development and kayaking (hopefully not in that order). Come on by and hang out - we're well stocked with Dark & Stormies!