Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mail Day

When we pulled into Downtown Hampton Public Piers we had our mail drop waiting for us. Over the years delivery of our snail mail has gotten less frequent with each batch being smaller and smaller. But there are just some things you can't eliminate with online banking and bill pay...

This pouch contained our absentee ballots. So, knowing how we wanted to vote, we quickly filled them out and dropped them in the mail. No matter how many ads they throw at us or who starts a rant on Facebook, we have spoken.

And guys, really, the rants never work anyway.


Mike M. said...

You just brought up a good point; a question which I've pondered in the past, but not yet researched. How is the best way to get snail mail when you're cruising?


Dave Gibson said...

Mike- we use St. Brendan's Isle mail forwarding service. Every couple of weeks I go online and request our mail to be sent wherever we are.

It establishes us as Green Cove Springs, Florida residents for voting.

We also mailed in our absentee ballots about a week ago.

MV Red Head said...


Some boaters have family that take care of mail for them. We have good friends who caretake our house and periodically forward our mail - maybe once a month or less.

St. Brendan's Isle is a very popular service with many cruisers. If you join SSCA you can save $41+ on their service - with the ActiveCaptain discount SSCA membership is only $45...

The issue is figuring out where you will reliably be to collect your forwarded mail.


Bob said...

We sent ours last week. I hope we didn't cancel yous out! Mike... St. Brendan's Isle is great! You can also look at the envelopes that come in, and if it's something you need to read, they will open it, scan it, and you can read it on line.

Leigh said...

We are still waiting on our absentee ballots from Texas - ugh.

My husband is self-employed, and so we hired his business accountant to also handle our mail and other things for us now that we have moved to a boat. We made her a signatory on our personal bank account, so she can handle more in-depth personal matters for us if we need her to. (Obviously, this is because she has worked for my husband for years and we trust her very much - wouldn't do this with someone we didn't know so well!) Many pieces of mail she has just scanned and e-mailed to us so we can have an electronic copy (ahem - like the red light tickets my husband racked up before we left town). Every few weeks or so she asks us for a forwarding address to send on any actual mail that we need. It's been a great arrangement for us so far. It helps that she is very enthusiastic about our new cruising life and is really happy to play a part!

Summer Wind said...

Vote often and make them count!! We have a family member that is willing to open our mail and forward anything necessary. Most our bills are now paperless which we can read as a pdf online.