Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A North Wind

Heat and especially humidity are torture for our poor Dyna. She's not just old but the surgery she had for breathing issues last year make her panting inefficient. So we are always considering how to ensure she does not overheat in warm temperatures. It's easy when we're at the dock - we just run the air conditioning.

We knew we would be anchoring all this week for the SSCA Gam, so we have been worrying a bit about the weather. What would we do if it was still hot?

After we left Olverson's we spent a few days on the hook that were warm but better than the previous weeks. We ran a small fan directly in Dyna's face at night which allowed her to sleep. But during the day she spent her time finding which side of the boat had the best the breeze.

We spent last weekend at Rock Hall Landing, a very nice sponsor marina run by two brothers and their wives. Friday was nice with just the hatches open for the breeze. Saturday turned humid and we had to break down and turn on the air in the heat of the afternoon.

We awoke Sunday morning to a stiff breeze as the wind clocked around to the north. The air turned cool and dry. Perfect Dyna weather.

Our hook is dropped on the Rhode River as we prepare for the SSCA Gam this week. Predictions are for the weather to hold steady. Just in case I have a gel cooling mat arriving and arrangements to dock at a marina a bit up the river if it turns hot and humid again.

Some may say we're spoiling our girl. But it's not being spoiled if you deserve it...


Summer Wind said...

We say your taking great care with Dyna. We need to look after our four legged family members as well as our upright family members. Hope you have a great GAM!Although personally we're not going to judge your gams!Alright we know it's sea talk, not legs! Have a great gathering!

MV Red Head said...

We think we have some pretty goods gams - both the sea version and the anatomical ones. Hope to run into you soon.