Saturday, August 18, 2012

#1 Mom

Those who have followed us for a while know that we adopted Dyna five years ago when she was 9 years old. JoDee, the world's most fantastic breeder of beautiful, sweet Labradors, let us have her when Dyna had retired from motherhood and our house was terribly empty after losing Tucker. Dyna is short for Dynasty and she has left quite a terrific one with scores of puppies from her line spreading far and wide. The latest one was Miss Mellow who joined an ActiveCaptain boater from Toronto last week - we hope to meet her on the Chesapeake.

So while I consider myself Dyna's mom, I know she had a great one before me, her #1 Mom, JoDee. We keep in touch often and today JoDee and Al drove to Castine to see Dyna before we leave for the winter.

If only I had remembered to grab the camera when they drove in. Dyna wiggled and smiled when she saw JoDee and the two of them cuddled and cooed bringing a happy tear to my eye.

It was a great visit and we're hoping JoDee and Al might make it for another visit over the winter. It would certainly make Dyna happy.

But entertaining can be exhausting and their car had barely left the driveway before Dyna had settled in for a nap.


John said...

Although, I've only had one mom, I surely like my naps.

I've been waiting to hear from you all summer, it's been since the 4th of July!

Gracie has a habit of beating me to my favorite napping pad, so I often wind up on the hard floor, but after a few minutes, it doesn't matter, I'm asleep anyway.

I'm really slow any more, certainly can't keep up with that fool, Gracie. Although she lets me know when something's happening, I can hear her barking, so I know I should also. I just can't tell when she stops, si I continue a bit.

And I don't go upstairs anymore, so that fool Gracie gets nibbles I don't when Marilyn and John are there. No worry, John takes special care of me!

Enjoy the cool m
Maine air, the Chesapeake is a lot warmer, and the lobsters are a lot more expensive. Your friend Dixie....and Gracie.

MV Red Head said...


I know just what you mean... Those young upstarts think they can just push us Grande Dames around.

I'm sorry I haven't written more this summer. The problem is there are so many more places to nap in the house than on the boat and I've been busy using all of them.

I hope I see you soon - oh, and Gracie too, I guess.