Monday, February 13, 2012


The schedule was to have aCappella back in the water by 1:30 pm Friday - high tide. We all know the saying about boating and schedules. But I'll be darned if they didn't release the slings at precisely 1:30 pm Friday afternoon. She floated out of the hoist and we were back "home" in the Marina at Ortega Landing slip before 2:00.

We'd hoped to make this entry before now but we spent the weekend putting things back together. At least, as back together as we could given there's still more electronics installation work to be done.

Dyna and Dylan are thrilled to be back onboard and more or less back on their schedule. We are still living in the midst of boxes and dust and workman. But the kids have found their place on the settee and this afternoon Dylan has a playdate with Abbie. What could be better?


Anonymous said...

Did you change out all the electrical? From what to what, and why. Is this a 10 year update? Bev

MV Red Head said...

We changed all the electronics - navigation, chartplotters, AIS, GPS, VHF, depth sounders, wind instruments and other displays; added video cameras and a lot of other gadgets. The pilot house cabinetry is being re-done next week. We also had a variety of other projects, pumps, hoses, steering, and other maintenance items taken care of. It was a lot to get done.