Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Jacksonville Routine

Anyone who has owned a dog knows that they are creatures of habit. Routine is the most important facet of their day. The thing Dyna and Dylan like best about being settled at a dock is there is time to develop a routine.

Having been here at Ortega Landing in Jacksonville for some time we have developed a definite routine which centers around 4:00 pm - play-date time. Kitty-corner from us is the sailboat belonging to Oddie and Salty. As 4 o'clock approaches Dylan starts to watch out the stern and often Salty appears on deck looking back. 

Sometime around 4 pm there are 16 paws scrambling down the dock to the large field onshore. Dylan and Salty chase, Dyna moseys about, and Oddie barks and rolls on his back. It's about an hour of pure dog fun.

A few days ago Dixie and Gracie arrived. If you've been following Dyna and Dylan for a while you will have seen Dixie and Gracie before. They even visited Dyna and Dylan this past July 4th in Castine.  Needless to say, the kids are returning to the boat even more exhausted than before.

Yesterday we were joined by Abbie, another yellow lab. Abbie owns a nice lady who works at Huckins Yacht Corporation who brought her by to join in the fun. Dylan is completely smitten. Abbie is playing hard to get. Ah, young love. But no matter what, you can count on 16 paws heading down the dock sometime around 4 o'clock this afternoon.


Ron Rogers said...

I think that Huckins is now owned or run by a female descendant of the family. It looks like you have a Great Harbor boat behind you.

I'm glad that the kids have so many friends.

Ron & George

MV Red Head said...

There are several Great Harbors in the marina. They are made nearby.

Give a pat to George.