Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4th

We apologize for being so remiss in our blog. Life has been busy here on land but there's just not the same day-to-day changes we experience onboard. We've been totally swamped with ActiveCaptain.

But this past weekend was the 4th of July. Not only is this the busiest time in Castine, we had four boats of friends visiting AND Dyna and Dylan got to reconnect with Gracie and Dixie, their black lab buddies from the DeFever Carolina.

The July 4th children's parade went off without a hitch despite pea soup fog. The day cleared, turned warm, and was beautiful as we watched Castine Class sailboats in the harbor while having an ice cream.

We listened to the Castine Town Band play a concert on the town common in the evening - marches, patriotic tunes, and dancing children made it a wonderful time. Unfortunately, the fog rolled back in, canceling the night's fireworks over the water. We're hoping they'll set them off tonight instead.

It's been great to be back onboard our friends' DeFever's having dinner and cocktails - it makes us miss being onboard aCappella. But she awaits us in Virginia.

Diane of DeFever Aurora sent us a beautiful vignette of Castine's 4th. You can view it here:

July 4th is considered the start of summer here in Maine and we are looking forward to more summer fun and more boating friends stopping by to fulfill our boating fix.

We hope your 4th was great too!


Mike T. said...

I spent a summer in Maine aboard my sailboat in the mid 80's, and in line with your post, the July 4th fireworks in Camden were finally set off on Aug 13th. I’m sure I’ve bored you in person with that little story.

Still, those were good days and good times, and I can’t wait to get back to Penobscot bay.

I just found out that there is a little DeFever 40 with stabilizers - Last Dance. Hmm, hard to justify, but something to dream about.

Man up Mike, it’s only a hundred miles to Monhegan Island, and the boat doesn’t roll that much.

Yeah, that’s true.


Mike and Melissa

PS - The ships cat can’t figure this weird thing about the doors in the new boat (we know it as a house) - they don’t slide open, but rather open inward and poke her in the nose. Hey, I never claimed cats we as smart as your crew, but she is easier to sleep with.

MV Red Head said...


Great to hear from you. We'll be heading south in a bit over a month. We hope we see you guys!