Friday, March 11, 2011

Temperamental Charleston

Since we've been here the weather has seemed to change every time we turn around. One day it's warm and sunny, the next cold and blustery. Each morning as we pull on clothes to go to the dog park we debate how many layers to put on - or not.

A few days ago the winds were so strong we felt as if we were underway and were tempted to make sure we were still tied to the dock. The boat rocked like we were miles offshore with whitecaps coming alongside.

The dolphins seem to come into the basin when the winds are strong and Dylan has learned to keep watch. Dyna stays in her bed resting from her morning romp until Dylan sounds the alarm. Then she joins him, not always sure why she's barking but determined not to miss out.

For now they're predicting a sunny weekend in the 70's. We'll believe it when we see it. At least there's no predictions for snow.


Capt. Greg Handal said...

I just discovered and joined your active captain sight yesterday and it is quite a resource. I received my first news email from you today and discovered you were in Charleston, as am I. How long are y'all planning to stay here? We have so many great events including Charleston Race Week which is about a month away (mid April). Hope you enjoy yourselves, and the weather here has indeed turned the corner.

MV Red Head said...

Greg - we're here until the end of April taking in all that Charleston has! Stop by and say hello if you get a chance - we're at the Maritime Center.

Charlie Stewart said...

Jeff and Karen: I am a relatively new member and love Active Captain especially along with Polar Navy. I saw your blog and was impressed with your dogs on the beach in Bald Head Island. My neighbor has the house on the beach just west of the Clubhouse. We will be using Active Captain to navigate to Bald Head from NYC this summer in our quest to bring our boat back to Gulf Shores, AL from Sandusky OH, Lake Erie. We have two Goldens.

MV Red Head said...

Hi Charlie - Bald Head Island is a wonderful place for dogs. It's probably the best beach for allowing dogs off-leash on the east coast. I guess I'm trying to say that while you might have a good time there, your two goldens will have a fantastic time!

Safe travels and welcome to ActiveCaptain!