Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Kids Are All Right

One of the most common questions we receive about life onboard is, "How do the dogs like the boat?" Two big dogs on a boat can certainly be a challenge at times, but trust us, these kids are just fine on the boat. Dyna is happiest laying on the stern on a nice day. Even Dylan can't disturb her reverie.

But don't worry even inside Dyna manages to find a comfy spot.

Sometimes a pillow does the trick.

And at bedtime they share the space - with each other, we have to make do.

So some may think we're crazy to live on a boat with two big dogs. And maybe we are, but we're not alone (right, Stephanie and Bob?). All in all the kids have a great life on the boat and we're glad they let us share it with them.


Dave Gibson said...

LOL! Your boat dogs look a lot like our boat dogs- they can sleep anywhere, and are dead to the world most of the time.

Stephanie said...

We're not crazy - we're dog-gone crazy! It's nice of Godiva and Cassie to allow us to share their boat!