Friday, March 4, 2011

BFF's Reunited

Dyna and Dylan don't care about Charleston's fine dining and shopping or historical architecture or the many cultural events. All they care about is the dog park next to the marina.

Every morning around 7 am they're up and ready to go, pacing, whining, staring. Mom and Dad seem to take an eternity to get ready, then they make them use the bow before they leave, then there's gathering leashes, collars, throw toys, locking the boat - why don't they just get going?!?

They have a regular early AM date with BFF's, Huck and Goose. Those of you who have followed them for a while already know about Huck and Goose. Huck is about a year younger than Dyna and Goose is near Dylan's age.

Dylan and Goose run, fetch, chase, tumble, and generally act like the two young boys they are. Huck holds his lacrosse ball securely in his mouth and either sits nearby watching or leans heavily into whoever is near. At over 90 pounds you really have to lean back not to get knocked over.

Now and then Dyna tries to get in the chase and occasionally gets barreled over but mainly does her walk abouts around the field sometimes going over to Huck with a look that says, "Can you believe those two ruffians?"

For now they are both sacked out on the sofa resting up for tomorrow morning. That's the reward Mom and Dad get for keeping their early AM appointment.


Stephanie said...

Cassie and Godiva miss their buddies!

MV Red Head said...

We miss them too.

Come up to Charleston in April! The dog park is the size of 3 football fields with different dogs coming daily.