Monday, May 31, 2010

And poof, we're home...

After 9 months and 3 days of being on our boat, we rented a car, loaded it up, and drove back home to Maine. In keeping with our tradition of using the SPOT Messenger when we were moving, we turned it on for the car ride home to show the long 17 hour track between Virginia and Maine.

There will be a lot of projects to get done this Summer - the house, the boat, and ActiveCaptain. And while we're full of plans and lists right now, we can't help thinking back to all of the wonderful people we met and the incredible times we had.

On a calm evening in the Keys, Joe Nekola took the video below. It's one of many cocktail hours we shared with friends. Joe recorded the full song that we also played at the MTOA rendezvous way back in September - a long time ago. We'll leave this cruise remembering this evening back in March.


Sheila and Bill Corbett said...

Welcome home!

I just checked: It took me 17 DAYS to get to Castine from the Potomac.

Lots of good memories of the last 8 months.


Unknown said...

Karen & Jeff,

I'm glad to see you made it home safe and sound. It seems ironic that as our season on the water is just kicking into gear, you will be on shore for awhile. You can be sure I'll be following your blog and website year round. Thank you for both of your wonderful on-line resources. Elaine and I hope to catch up with you on the water one day. In the meantime, fair winds and smooth sailing.

Elaine & Lawrence Leonard
S/V Elle & I