Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dyna and Dylan Famous?

We had mentioned in an earlier blog that I had been asked by Nor'easter Magazine to write a column about our cruising. Well the first column has appeared in this month's issue. You can read it online on the Nor'easter website, the article starts on page 10. But the best part is that Dyna and Dylan are mentioned 3 times! Not only are they mentioned in my bio and in my article but the editor also mentions them on page 5. Now if this doesn't increase their readership by at least 300% then nothing will. I guess we'll be dealing with the paparazzi and autograph seekers now. I'll have to buy them big hats and sunglasses...


Unknown said...

Oh, I can see Dyna in Gucci glasses, but Dylan strikes me more as a leather goggle kinda guy.

Jimmy G said...

Karen, great article. I have several questions for you or Jeff about your adventures. My wife and I are starting to plan short trips to build up to the 12 to 15 month trip in a few years. How would be the best way to communicate with you?

MV Red Head said...

Hi Jimmy G - sure - contact us. We talk to many people just starting out. The boating community is a close one where you'll easily find help and suggestions.

The best way to get in communications with us is to select "Contact us" in any page of our web site:

ca said...

Excellent article, very well written. More, please!


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