Sunday, February 7, 2010

Windy Saturday, Super Sunday...

Saturday was incredibly windy - 25 knot sustained winds with gusts to 40. We stayed on the boat all day and watched the antics in the harbor. With the Superbowl being played here in Miami, there are more megayachts cruising these waters than normal. They'd anchor for a minute to allow their parties to go off jetskiing around the area. It had to be uncomfortable with the wind. But it appears to be the "in" thing to do.

Another sailboat came in and anchored, immediately lowered the dinghy, and left. "Karen, this is a recipe for disaster," I told her. An hour later, their boat was taking a walkabout through the harbor, thankfully away from our boat, and ended up snagging another boat's anchor line in its rudder and banging against it for the next hour. What a mess.

By today, Sunday, the kids were itching to get off the boat. Karen and I took a nice walk to the convention center where the boat show will be held and then had an excellent breakfast before buying 60 pounds of our special Innova dog food for our hold. Looks like we'll be keeping the dogs for a little while longer.

At 5:00, we all headed out to the dog park. Dyna was incredibly playful and Dylan played and chased the other dogs. Then we came across something new: Coconuts.

We knew coconuts would be a "Dylan" thing but we didn't expect that Dyna would be into them also.

Needless to say, a lot of coconut shredding took place by both dogs.

Football game or not, today was a real super Sunday for our team.

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