Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dark and Stormy in Charleston!

If you're a boater, you've most certainly run across a drink called a "Dark and Stormy". Since we have excellent supplies here in Charleston, we decided to give it a try.  We shouldn't have.

To make the drink, you put a shot of dark rum over ice. Then add ginger beer "to taste" which is difficult if you've never had one. Add a slice of lime and you're done. It's simple to make.

Gosling's Black Rum from Bermuda is supposed to be the official rum to use. That was easy to get in a wonderful liquor store right across the street from the Harris Teeter grocery store. We also picked up a bottle of Sailor Jerry's spiced rum. If we're on a boat, we should have a good supply of rum, right?

We couldn't locate Goslings ginger beer but we did find Goya Jamacian ginger beer at the grocery store. The secret of making a good drink appears to be using real ginger beer and not a ginger-flavored soda.

We met up with Bill who is still at the Charleston Maritime Center. He was supposed to originally stay for 2 nights. Then he signed up for the week. He's now showing us the calculations for a monthly stay. I understand there are condos for sale next to the marina too. Anyway, we all went out to a wonderful Thai restaurant called Basils and then back to our boat for a movie and Dark and Stormy's.  It was the first one any of us had ever had.

I have a feeling, there will be many more to come.


Bob said...

Bad, Bad, liver!!! You must be punished.
Hey guys, Is the spiced rum as good as Captain Morgans at less cost?
September Song

MV Red Head said...

Hey Bob - great to hear from you! We've always had Captain Morgans on board. I'm not sure Sailor Jerry is less expensive - didn't really notice - it was about $19 for a normal size bottle. A taste test is coming soon.

Now there's an idea for the next get together - a rum tasting party!

John said...

This is the rum of choice in Bermuda. And ginger beer is available everywhere! However, have Karen try it when she cooks! I mean of course in the recipes. It is used in Bermuda as a garnishment with fish chowder, etc.

It was 22 again here this morning.


Anonymous said...

I have Barritts “Bermuda Ginger Beer” and “Stewarts Ginger Beer” aboard the Full Step. Both were given to us by Steve and Barb of the MV Maerin. They introduced us to the “Dark and Stormy.”

They also left us a full bottle of Gosling's Black Rum. Nice people, nice boat. I think they are friends of yours as well.

I will save a few cans/bottles in case we ever share an anchorage.

Mike Thompson
Merritt Island, FL.

MV Red Head said...

John - good idea with the cooking. We're just starting to appreciate good ginger beer. Should warm up tomorrow - it was 45-55 here today.

Mike - yes, Steve and Barb are friends. But wow, they didn't give us any rum! ;-)

I hope we get to get together as we head south. We're definitely up for trying other ginger beers. The Goya isn't bad - quite a bite but really very good and mixes well.