Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bill's departure

Our friend Bill Corbett arrived on Spray last week with an original reservation at the Charleston Maritime Center for 2 nights. That turned into 3 nights and then into an entire week. It's one of the "problems" with Charleston. It's so nice that it's hard to leave. The Harris Teeter grocery store is a couple of blocks away and all of downtown Charleston is just a couple of blocks further. It's all walking distance.

This morning Dyna and Dylan had a last romp with Riggs in the field. Riggs is an amazing ball retriever and can easily outrun young Dylan on every throw. That's pretty incredible because Riggs weighs only 14 lbs. But boy can he move!

Prior to Bill's departure this morning, we made breakfast from a recipe that Bill gave us when he made it for us last week. Forevermore on aCappella, this recipe is going to be called, "Bill's Frittata."

Bill took off from the marina at 9:30 am heading south toward the continuation of the ICW. He plans to head down to Stuart and across Florida on the Okeechobee Waterway. Once on the west coast of Florida at Ft. Myers, he'll head south again toward the Keys turning north at Key West and then back up the east coast.

We'll meet up with Bill again, probably in the Florida Keys. Dylan wants one more chance at racing for the ball...


Sheila and Bill Corbett said...

Hey Jeff, keep a good handholdonthat iPhone while filming near the water. The don't float worth a darn.

I've got to buy some more eggs!

Steve said...

From Bill's brother Steve (the good looking one)...

As I see it - Dylan has no chance of beating Riggs to that tennis ball. I have a 3 year yellow lab (Sheamus) and also a 10 year old border collie (Baillie) and they are no match for Riggs.

Great article in Passagemaker magazine.

MV Red Head said...

Steve - I won't tell Dylan if you won't! It's not so much whether he'll ever beat Riggs to the ball. It's more how exhausted he gets trying!

Loved your log aboard Spray, by the way.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.