Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beaufort to Charleston, overnight...

I like overnight passages. You get to put a lot of miles under the keel in one shot and it really tests your nautical skills. There is little room for making mistakes in the middle of the night and the boat has to be in good shape. There's an element of trust between man and machine in the process that I find interesting.

I completely understand that they can be scary too. Once out, it's hard to pull in somewhere if the weather gets too rough. And being offshore can put you so far offshore that just getting back could take many hours.

The trip from our anchorage on the South River outside of Beaufort, NC to Charleston, SC is 240 nautical miles. That's the equivalent of three very long 80 mile days. The weather predictions looked pretty good when we left and moving out the inlet into the ocean seemed within our level of tolerance. In the end, it wasn't our worst overnight, but it was far from our nicest one too. All in all, the videos tell the whole story.


Carol 'n Wayne said...

We have had similar problem with clamps on genset raw water lines. I have reploaced many clamps with AWAB clamps. These are the ones without the slots in the band.

I have bought them by the box from boatfix.com (http://www.boatfix.com/bypage3.asp?page=609)

Sure looked nicer the second morning! Glad you made it without serious problems.


MV Red Head said...

AWAB clamps - good tip. Don't know about it. I'll get a box of them too. And I'm going to undo the starboard exhaust clamps and see what state they're in now too...

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff,

I don’t see any pics or video links in your post, so I’ll just guess that you had a hose clamp problem based on the replies.

I have bought dozens and dozens of boxes of AWAB clamps from boatfix. Buying in bulk is the only way I can afford them.

Take it from a “metal guy” - 316 SS, rolled edges, no cuts thru the band - it’s the only way to go.

By the way, AWAB clamps bought in the USA are made in the USA. It’s an important point to a small scale manufacturer like me.

Interestingly, AWAB clamps can be bought for almost the same price from Defender, except that they are individually wrapped and labeled. Some employee is taking the clamps from the AWAB box, putting them in a plastic bag, and sticking a label on it. Amazing! Defenders shipping charges are so much lower than Boatfix that it’s worth checking both places.

And now for something completely different -

I just helped Bob McLeran move his DeFever 125 miles. I used ACM on my Omnia Verizon phone.

I’m in love! It’s everything I wanted. Thank you Jeff.

I was scrolling ahead faster than the boats Garmin chartplotter.


DeFever PassageMaker 40
Merritt Island FL

MV Red Head said...

Hi Mike - thanks for the comment. The videos are in the blog (3 of them). Perhaps you need to refresh the page or something?

I've gotten a lot of advice about the AWAB hose clamps. I'll definitely get a few boxes of different sizes. I guess I never knew there was anything other than regular slotted ones. Certainly I have some special ones that hold the exhausts onto the engine, etc., but I have always just used regular hose clamps bought from marine stores. Those ones that crumbled were original with the boat.

Yeah, ACM is pretty nice. I always have it running next to me at my helm. I did everything possible to make it instant for panning and zooming and changing charts. We're still at the beginning of it though - I have lots more ideas for it.

Anonymous said...


TRhe vidoes have been coming up on your blog, I have refreshed the page several times & still nothing. The video boxes are blank with the usual triangle, circle & squarsin the upper left corner. Any advice?
Thanks, Andy Becker

MV Red Head said...

I'm sorry some people are having problems with the videos - it could be something with YouTube. They're working great for us using different internet sources so it's hard to know what the problem could be.

One thing to try though...instead of viewing the videos directly from the blog, try going to where our videos are stored on YouTube:

Perhaps they'll play directly there...

Anonymous said...

Youtube videos worked fine, thanks. Maybe you can put a link to your youtube page on the website. Watching your vidoes offshore I was thinking that you should have thrown a couple lures out back! (thats because I'm a fisherman)
Smooth seas, Andy