Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Coffee House...

MTOA has been a lot of fun. We're deep in the middle of it right now. We've met a lot of really nice people and have had fun at the different seminars. There are many trawlers here and it's been fun to look at them and get ideas about things we'd like to add. We know we need some type of ramp system to work with fixed docks in a better way. It has been difficult for both man and dog here to get off the boat.

Tuesday night was a pot luck dinner.  With hundreds of people, this was a massive pot luck rivaling any New England dinner we've ever been too. The food was outstanding. After dinner, the dining area was re-decorated as a coffee house with candles, coffee beans, and a warm dark atmosphere. Peter Colket performed for a couple of hours with just one break when he gave the stage to Karen and me. We performed a couple of songs. Thanks to Celeste Yost for taking the video of one of them so we could share it!

Our second song was a re-make of the Marshall Tucker Band's song Can't You See.  Here are the words and music:

Can't You See What That Trawler's Been Doing To Me
(sung to the tune of Can't You See)
Chords: D, C, G, D (repeat)

Verse (Jeff):
    Used to have a day job,
    Workin that 9-to-5,
    Life went by so fast,
    Got me a trawler now,
    Life in the slow lane,
    I know I can't go back.

    Can't you see, oh can't you see,
    What that trawler's, been doing to me
    Can't you see, oh can't you see,
    What that trawler's, been doing to me

Verse (Karen):
    Used to wish for diamonds,
    Wear the latest fashions,
    Silk and satin was for me,
    Now I dress in T-shirts,
    Rarely put my shoes on,
    And only wish for calm seas.


Verse (together):
    So we're out there cruising,
    Life on the water, now,
    A life that's hard to beat,
    It isn't just the places,
    It isn't just the sunsets,
    It's the people that we meet.

Chorus (twice)

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FLUKE - Carol, Wayne, Eddie, Ursa, Visitor said...

Really like the song. It is really true, life is good once you get the trawler mentality.

FLUKE - currently in Oswego, NY