Friday, August 28, 2009

Walking from Danny

We awoke again at 5:00 am with plans of heading out to Sandy Hook. The latest forecast showed that Danny was going to be much less of a threat to western Long Island - there was almost no chance of 50 MPH winds. We now had a lot more options.

Going to Sandy Hook would mean we'd be stuck on the boat with almost nothing around for a few days. It had already been more than 3 days since we'd been off the boat and the team was in need of exercise, especially Dylan. Northport, NY has a wonderfully protected bay area. ActiveCaptain had a couple of anchorage areas for it. We've anchored ourselves in one of them before. Northport also has a town dock, a beach, restaurants - it would give us much more to do. We figured we'd be stuck because of the storm and rain for a few days. Everyone voted to change plans and go there instead.

The route to Northport is only 35 nm away. Leaving by 7:00 got us anchored in the harbor by noon. We have almost a quarter mile between us and the closest other boat anchored here. With 250 feet of chain out in 11 feet of water, this would be an excellent place to hunker down and ride out any storm. It's times like this that I'm happy we installed that new monster Rocna anchor.

It was a cloudy day with no waves and no wind. The perfect type of day to move the boat from one place to another. Once again our crew was ready at a moment's notice for anything. Well, as long as you had enough time to wake them up or allowed them to finish playing their cell phone game.


One More Time Around said...

'We' were worried about getting stuck on the boat for a few days...

What, with all that electronic gadgetry and 'cell phone games' and a couple puppies to keep you company?

John said...

Humm...Gracie and I have looked at the picture of Karen's hand and that wand that looks like a dog toy and want to say, it looks like an advertisement.

Our black hair certainly wouldn't come up that "easy" so we'll ask our masters to try one. It may keep us out of the "dog"house. "Yankee Belle" has our hair everywhere, and its worse on the cushions and carpet in the galley.

Say hi to Dyna and Dylan for us. We enjoyed our romp on the beach. Gracie wants everyone to know she beat Dylan to the baton, and only let him bring it ashore.

Dixie and Gracie

MV Red Head said...

Dylan is up for a rematch any time! Next time it'll be on your home turf!