Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Noah In The House?

It's been a week and a half since we put aCappella in the water and it has rained almost every day. Not misty, foggy rain. No, it has poured - torrential rain with high winds. My boat shoes have never gotten dry. The dinghy went to the "dinghy doctor" for what turned out to be bad battery cables. It seems the original installation involved a shoddy splicing job which finally went bad in a hidden location. Jeff made it out to the boat one day when it was merely sprinkling to scrub the cap rail in preparation for coating it along with putting the dinghy back up on the fly-bridge. Not much has been removed from our lists. Simple stuff like buying the hose for the salt water wash down is about all that we've gotten done.

We're trying to get as much ActiveCaptain work out of the way as we can so when the sun comes out we can spend more time on the boat. We leave tomorrow to give several talks at the Greenport, NY TrawlerFest at the Mitchell Park Marina - I'm sure the weather will clear as soon as we leave town. The "kids" are going to Uncle Larry's for a few days. Yes, Larry does do more than boats. He loves dogs, too. Another reason I love him!

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