Monday, June 1, 2009

5200 Follow-Up

A quick follow-up to my recent hair trauma. A search of Google (5200 sealant hair) turned up nothing helpful. I did find reference to using mineral spirits - although with various amounts of warnings - to remove oil based paint from hair. A couple of references suggested salad oil or very oily body wash. So I used a generous amount of baby oil, working it from the roots out for several minutes. I then took the hottest shower I could stand and let my hair air dry. My hair feels soft and silky with no noticeable residue. Maybe this will help someone else - from now on I will proudly wear my ActiveCaptain hat to avoid this from happening!

Note from Jeff: we have some 50 hats on the boat. Couldn't you use an old one instead of the nice new ActiveCaptain ones??

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