Friday, April 24, 2009

Stabilizer Maintenance

We have NAIAD Stabilizers on our boat. I LOVE our stabilizers! It has allowed us - well, really me, as I’m the one who gets seasick - to actually enjoy most any condition offshore. Of course, we have learned to be ever more particular about the weather conditions we go out in. Our motto is “It’s SUPPOSED to be FUN!” But anyone who has done the New Jersey coast knows that there are just some situations where the beam-to seas never cease. Well, every 3 years the stabilizer seals need to be replaced. The last time we were in Ft. Lauderdale and had them done at Playboy Marine by Stabilized Marine - and met Larry since he was still down there. They convinced my husband that this was a job he could learn to do, so he jumped in and helped with the idea of doing it himself the next time. Stabilized Marine makes it all quite easy. You order the seals and they send a metal box with the seals, hydraulic pumps, a mother-of-all torque wrenches, other specialized tools, and a wide assortment of spare parts. Much to our poor UPS driver's chagrin, it weighed 103 pounds! When you’re done, you simply send back the tools and any parts you didn’t use. What could be easier? Besides, Larry offered to help!

Here I must admit that while this escapade was occurring, I was far south assisting my parents with a move. But the summary I received went something like this. In Ft. Lauderdale the whole job took about two hours - of course, there were 3 guys, including my husband. As I remember it, no swear words were uttered and my husband hardly had a smudge mark on him. Well, this time it took 9 hours, several phone calls to Stabilized Marine, numerous trips to Hamilton Marine (the local marine store), and an undetermined amount of off-color language. Oh yes, and large amounts of Advil over the next 24 hours. My husband proudly claims that the next time “will be easy.” I haven’t had a chance to check with Larry on that.

Sorry, as I wasn’t there so I could record the blessed event but the picture above is how they looked the next time I saw the boat.

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