Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Onshore Transportation

We've sketched out our itinerary for our winter cruise, bearing in mind the wise sage who coined, "The most dangerous thing on a boat is a schedule." We'll meander down the east coast, spending a few weeks on the Chesapeake Bay where we're giving a couple of talks, ending up in Brunswick, Georgia at Brunswick Landing Marina sometime in November. We plan on spending about 2 months in Brunswick. As we used ActiveCaptain to peruse the area, we noted that several important services, such as the grocery store, were a short trek from the marina. So we've decided to bring our folding bikes out of mothballs. We purchased these bikes about ten years ago for a previous boat we used for "island hopping" in the Penobscot Bay. Unfortunately, these models are no longer made because we really like them and would love to add them to our list of "Products and Tips We Love." They're full size 15-speed bikes which easily fold in half for storage. We pulled them out of the basement, washed off the dust, greased the gears, pumped the tires, and adjusted the brakes. Then we took them for a spin. They worked great! The only issue is our very tender backsides. Well, we have the summer to toughen them up!

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